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Yoga: The CrossFit of Stretching

Posted on by Alycia

CrossFit Aspire is introducing Aspire Yoga – a twice weekly Yoga class for those of you who want to increase performance, mobility, and clear your head a little.

Some of you saw that and said, “Oh, cool”. The rest of you probably thought “Meh. Not for me”…..


What you might be thinking:

“I don’t think I’d do well in a yoga class”
“Yoga sounds like too much work”
“Yoga is only for hippie women.”

“Yoga is for girls. It’s not a guy thing.”
“I don’t need yoga in my life to recover. I’m fine as is. So what if I can’t reach behind my back to get that itch, or bend down to tie my shoes, or catch a clean in a perfect front squat?”

NOW…. replace some of those words and see how funny it sounds.

” I don’t think I’d do well in CrossFit”
“CrossFit is too much work”
“CrossFit is for 20 yr olds that work out till they puke”
“CrossFit is for guys who are already strong. It’s not a girl thing.”
“I don’t need CrossFit to be stronger or faster. I’m fine as is. So what if I can’t pick up a heavy bag of dog food, or I can’t jog out to my mailbox and back?”

If you had a friend who said those things about CrossFit, you’d do all that you could to show her that she was wrong, correct?

Well, that’s what we’re doing here. Right Now. To You.

Consider this your intervention.


You can’t get into a good overhead position without pain or significant ‘pain ball’/'foam rolling’/'band stretching’ beforehand.

I’ve seen you try to squat. It’s painful to watch. I can’t imagine how it must feel.

We’ve all witnessed your poor excuse for a push press.


Aspire Yoga is a membership add-on that we are offering a ridiculously low price. Why? Because it’s that important. Yoga improves your discipline, body awareness, strength, mobility and reinforces proper movement patterns.

Here’s the Scoop

Start Date: Wednesday, November 2nd
Aspire Yoga will be offered a twice weekly:
SATURDAY 11:15am
Pricing: $25/month for one weekly class or $40/month for two weekly classes. This is an add-on to your membership, and will be included in your monthly fee.

These prices just don’t exist anywhere else in the area. Jump on this before they go up in 2012.


These classes will also be open to the public, so tell your yoga-loving friends to get their supple butts into our gym!
Class prices for non-members will be $12 drop in fee, 5 classes for $54 or 10 classes for $100.

Wednesday classes will be taught by Laura Maron (wife of the lean and mean Jon Maron) and Saturday classes will be taught by Brianna O’Neal (a bad-ass CrossFit newbie who is poised to do big things). A full bio on them and description of their classes is coming soon. They each offer a different style of Yoga, so there is something for everyone!

We will have official sign-up sheets at the gym within the week, so you can easily add on Yoga to your membership beginning in November. If you signed up mid-month, and your monthly fee cycle is NOT on the 1st of the month, you can start with Yoga when your November membership begins, or you can start right away and just pay in cash for your first few classes until your November fee starts.

Questions? Email alycia@crossfitaspire.com or ask us in class!

Guys want to be him. Girls want to be with him. Matthew McConaughey does yoga. You should, too.


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