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WOD: Wednesday, May 9th

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Chris Spealler is a CrossFit favorite. Why? Because he always gives 100% when the rest of us give 80-90%.  He is the only athlete to have competed in all 6 CrossFit Games, and he continues to get stronger each year. He is not 23 years old, 185 pounds and 5’10″. He is older, shorter and smaller than most of his competition.

Chris (or “Speal” as he’s called in the greater CrossFit community) was not expeted to make it to the Games this year. The competition was greater than it’s ever been – world records were being broken left and right and some very high level athletes found and competed in CrossFit.  Speal’s bodyweight and stature put him at a huge disadvantage for some of this year’s Regional workouts, including the 100lb DB snatch and the 345lb deadlift workout. But because of his unwavering dedication to training, and his incredible passion, he secured one of the coveted top 3 places in his Region, ensuring that he will once again be competing in the CrossFit Games.


The next time you say “this movement is made for someone with long arms/short legs/a big guy/a small girl/ etc, etc.” think about Speal and get the work done. Never let conventional limitations stand in your way.

Back Squat 3×5
3 sets of Pull-ups

4 rounds
10 Burpees
10 Front Squats (or Goblet Squats)
10 Wallballs

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