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WOD: Tuesday, January 31st

Posted on by Alycia

Move aside guys, the ladies have this one.

Back Squat 4, 4, 4

3 Rounds
90 sec Plate (hugging) Front Squats 45/25#
- Rest 30 sec
90 sec Double Unders
- Rest 30 sec
90 sec Hollow Rocks
- Rest 30 sec


Have Friends/Neighbors/Co-workers With Kids? Grab a CrossFit Kids Info Sheet & FAQ at the front table.  The double sided sheet give an overview of the CF Kids program, addresses questions that non-CrossFit parents might have, and includes our schedule and pricing structure.

You guys are our link to the world of ‘people with kids’, as most of our friends don’t have kids who are 5+ years old. We REALLY appreciate it when you share your experiences/enthusiasm for our gym with your friends and family.

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