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WOD: Monday, January 17th

Posted on by Alycia

Laurie gets her elbows up like a champ

Back Squat 2×5, 1×5+

DB Snatches L
50ft Run
DB Snatches R
50ft Run

NEW CLASS SCHEDULE is in effect today. Your class begins 30 minutes earlier than it used to!

ROCK CLIMBING – January 30th at 11:30am at Elite Climbing in Maple Shade. If you plan on coming, please write your name on the whiteboard. Also include the names of any friends that you are bringing.

WE HAVE a bunch of people who are new to our gym. Introduce yourself. Get to know them. We think they are pretty cool.

If YOU HAVEN’T filled out your 90-Day Goal sheet, please do so by TUESDAY. Our 90-Days will officially start on Wednesday. We’ll provide notes on your goal sheets as to how you might want to go about achieving your goals. So just fill out your goal, and we’ll help with the rest.

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