3 Larwin Road, Cherry Hill, NJ

WOD: Monday, August 15th

Posted on by Justin

HSPU Skill Work

“Tabata Something Else”
Tabata Pull-ups
Tabata Push-ups
Tabata Sit-ups
Tabata Squats

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3 Responses to WOD: Monday, August 15th

  1. Jamie says:

    Can you offer a little more explanation on this one for anyone who got into an accident over the weekend, has no vehicle until her husband returns from New Hampshire, and might want to do this at home? Thanks! :D

  2. Justin says:

    8 rounds of
    :20 seconds Max reps of Pull-ups
    :10 seconds Rest
    8 rounds of
    :20 seconds Push-ups
    :10 seconds Rest
    8 rounds of
    :20 seconds Sit-ups
    :10 seconds Rest
    8 rounds of
    :20 seconds Squats
    :10 seconds Rest

    Ne rest between movements.

    And bummer! I hope you’re okay.

  3. Jamie says:

    Thanks! I’m fine. Truck has a bent grill and front bumper and dumped all its radiator fluid. Sigh.Should get a call today to tell me when it will be fixed.

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