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Why bother?

Posted on by Alycia

You wouldn’t skip the gym just because you know won’t finish first in the metcon.

You wouldn’t skip logging your scores into Wodify simply because you didn’t lift more than everyone else in the gym that day.

Many of you have signed up for the Broad Street Run, Tough Mudder, CMC, and local competitions, knowing fully that you will NOT win or even come close to winning.

SO WHY BOTHER? WHY SHOW UP AT ALL? Why even compete at all, if you know you won’t make it much further along in the competition?

I can’t answer that for you, but you can.

You know why you show up every day to the gym. You have goals and you are taking steps toward achieveing them.

So why…..please answer this…..why wouldn’t you register for the CrossFit Open, (even if you know, for sure, that you won’t make it onto the next level of competition) ?

The CrossFit Open is the ONE COMPETITION all year that YOU (and all of your friends from the gym) are all personally invited to. It’s cheap (only $20) and there’s always an open spot for you. It won’t sell out!

By registering, you will be putting your scores into a virtual whiteboard with over 100,000 other CrossFit athletes from around the world. You’ll be able to see how you stack up among local competitors, athletes in your age group, and elite level CrossFit athletes.

(PSST – That means that you and Rich Froning will be doing the same workout on the same day, and logging your scores into the same place. When will that ever happen again???!!)

CLICK HERE to Register NOW. Please do it NOW before you forget. If you forget to sign up before they release the first workout next Thursday, you will not be given a chance to register at all.

As with any CrossFit competition, there is also a need for volunteers/helpers/judges. Our top athletes will need to be judged by a Certified CrossFit Judge. The online course isn’t long, and it’s free to do.

If you become a certified judge, please notify Alycia via Alycia@crossfitaspire.com ASAP and we’ll add you to our list of judges. We’ll most likely need the most help at the 5:30am and 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm classes.


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