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I heard a story on the radio last night about a journalist who had the unique opportunity to follow around the president from the moment he woke up to the minute he went to bed.  During his time, he had the chance to sit in on a few basketball games that the President played with local guys. He learned that Mr. Obama was a shrewd player, he demanded to be treated no different than any of the other players,  and he took calculated risks on the court – all traits that he had shown in his job and life as well.

At the end of this story, the journalist make an excellent point – you can learn a lot more about a person by doing something with them, than just by asking them questions. I’d say that is spot on.  Actions (and reactions) speak louder than words.

You might not have realized it until now, but the people around you have learned A LOT about your personality from the way you conduct yourself in the gym.


The "Masters Division" athletes are the most mature group of model students out there.

Some of the best CrossFit athletes in our gym will tell you their profession or their accomplishments if you ask them, but they never, ever carry and air of authority about them. They also never act like a ‘know-it-all’ even if they do, in fact, know every nuance of every lift we do.

The best CrossFit athletes are humble students while they are in the gym. Regardless of their profession, their outside expertise, or their former accomplishments, they treat themselves as the new student that they are.

It’s obvious that these people are genuinely interested in learning , and aren’t here to show off. They respect the authority of the coach, and understand that they are there to learn a new skill. Until they have mastered that skill, they will remain a model student.


The greatest champions never settle.

One unique trait among some of the smartest and most successful people in our gym is that they have also managed to make incredible progress in a short amount of time. While some people thoughtlessly lift weights until the timer beeps, these people are asking questions.  “hows my form?” “Why do you teach the lift that way?” “What’s the purpose of this?”

They are closer to mastering the lifts than others because they are ALWAYS asking for tips, form corrections, and are genuinely concerned with making improvements to their performance.

It’s no wonder that these are some of the most successful people outside of the gym. You won’t get very far without asking a bunch of questions along the way.


Being a team player gives you abs. True fact.

The help with putting away weights, the high fives, the pats on the back, the words of encouragement – these are things that we see over and over again from a large group of our members.

These are the same people who are first in line to sign up to do volunteer work, to help clean up the gym, to donate their time to help make a difference. They bring a little something extra with them to class – the human touch, and they leave a mark when they leave. Their presence makes our gym a better place to be.


Being a natural introvert, I realize that being the loud cheerleader for other people isn’t always possible. Raising your hand to ask a question or ask for a correction on form isn’t always something that everyone feels comfortable doing. But some of our most active participants aren’t the ones that yell the loudest at all.

The active participants are the ones that make the most of their time here at the gym. If they can get here early or stay late, they are working on their weaknesses. Everyone has a choice to sit on a chair or practice their double unders. These are the same people who attend our BBQs, sign up for competitions, or show up to events to support our other athletes.

These people are also the ones that tend to have the fullest and most satisfying lives. They manage to balance work and family, while making sure to have fun along the way. They are also the same people who are never satisfied with the status quo. They are always looking to do more.

So, in closing. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. We can spot you a mile away. We see you there…achieving, learning, trying, focusing, and making the most of your time in the gym. You are humble, you are positive, and you care about other people. We caught you red-handed. Your actions in our gym speak louder than any words. And for that, THANK YOU.

The next time you are working out in the gym, ask yourself – What type of person am I being right now? The answer might surprise you.

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