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Top Ten Reasons You Should Do a 30 Day Real Food Challenge

Posted on by Alycia

10. You aren’t 100% happy with the amount of body fat you are carrying, or your reflection in the mirror.

9. You get tired throughout the day.

8. You are stressed – work is busy, the kids have practice & homework, and you barely have time to make it to CrossFit more than 2x week.

7. You have an autoimmune or digestive disease/disorder (Thyroid diseases, Lupus, IBS, Colitis)

6. Your Triglycerides are high or you are at risk for an inflammation-related disease (Diabetes, Alzheimer’s)

5. You are ‘addicted’ to sugar or processed carbohydrates (bread, baked goods, pasta).

4. You don’t cook often.

3. Your skin and hair are dull.

2. You suffer from anxiety, depression, or restlessness.

1. You sleep less than 8 hours per night.

Will eating only real foods for 30 days cure all of your problems? Maybe. Maybe Not. Will it help most of your ailments, and make you healthier? Definitely Yes.

As a CrossFitter, you are tough. If you can dig deep within yourself to finish our metcons, or use every muscle in your body to stand up from a heavy back squat, you can surely give up your precious sugar or bread for 4 weeks.

Mentally and physically, YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU ONCE WERE.

Exercise your willpower and cause some real change.

The next Challenge at CrossFit Aspire starts on April 23rd.

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