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CrossFit has changed the lives of many. From stories of drastic weight loss and incredible improvement in physical ability, to amazing turnaround stories and triumph over adversity, CrossFit touched and forever altered the path for hundreds of thousands of people just like you and I.

We are Justin & Alycia McGinley, owners of CrossFit Aspire. Our CrossFit story has humble beginnings, our members are amazing, and we consistently express our gratitude to be given this opportunity to help so many local people.

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“Crossfit has changed my life. The obvious can be stated, Crossfit WILL make you look better. I lost 15 pounds and have maintained a weight that I was in high school without the dreaded word “dieting”. Though I look better that’s not the gift that Crossfit has given me. Crossfit ended the pressures to be “thin” and to lose weight and to be a size 0 that I was plagued with most of my adult life. I was obsessed with the scale and with Crossfit I no longer need one. My focus shifted from the weight on the scale to the weight on the bar; how much I can deadlift, clean and push-press. My progress was not measured by the pounds I was losing but the ability to do pull-ups with a band, to kipping pull-ups and then being able to do dead hang pull-ups…”

-Jill Fisher
Cherry Hill, NJ

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