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No Excuses Weekend is upon us…

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Labor Day Weekend.

For most people, it’s a great excuse to take it easy, after a summer of taking it easy. Summer hours at the office, summer break at the schools, casual Fridays, long weekends at the beach, international travel with the family…certainly those things warrant a long weekend of crappy food, drinking and wasting time, right?

Luckily, you’re smarter than that and you’ve seen what happens to yourself after letting things slide for the summer. You know that you’re better than that and you’re eager to get back on track.

Welcome to No Excuses Weekend.

This weekend is about making preparations to make sure that your fall, winter and spring are AWESOME. Even better than last year. It’s about making sure that you are setting yourself up to be healthier, in better shape, leaner, stronger, faster, more radiant, more less-stressed, more well-rested than you were at this point last year.

If you spent more than a few minutes this summer thinking “I wish…” , ” I should….”, “I really need to….”, then No Excuses weekend is for you.

WHAT TO DO on No Excuses Weekend.

1. Make a list of your top 2 things that you want to accomplish now that the summer is over. Just pick two for now. You can always add more things later in the year.

2. Use the weekend to prepare yourself for taking action and making progress toward completing your goal.

Want to kick your sugar habit? Raid you cabinets and get rid of everything that has ingredients you can’t understand, remove all sugar (obviously) and go food shopping for grassfed meats and fresh vegetables. Scour the internet and 25 new recipes that only use whole foods. (HINT: Google “Paleo + Recipe)

Want to see more results at the gym? Start going more often! Don’t waste your money – come to every class that you paid for. If you are only coming twice a week, consider bumping up to 3x week. Also, listen. Listen to our recommendations, our movement cues, our pleads for you to go faster,  to not stop, to keep moving. Intensity is a big part of why CrossFit is effective. Get intense. Give 100% at every workout.

Want to stop feeling fat? Remove all grains from your diet. (grains = wheat, rice, corn, oats)

Want to recover faster from workouts? (Those of you who have trouble sitting down or walking after a workout…I’m looking at you) Buy a foam roller and a lacrosse or tennis ball and USE THEM EVERY NIGHT. Roll around on your ‘sore bits’ and ask Alycia or Justin for tips.

Want to learn more about nutrition? Download Robb Wolf’s Paleo Podcasts on iTunes. They are free, hour long, sometimes geeky Q&A sessions regarding how we should eat, why we should eat that way, and how to implement it.

Want to have more energy? Start going to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal. In a few weeks, push it back another 30 minutes.  Invest in heavy, dark curtains that block out all light. Also, avoid fruit or carb-heavy meals in the morning and afternoon hours.

Want to look better? Do all of the above.

Want to feel better? Ditto.

Want more people to like you? Start being nicer to them. Say hello and make eye contact. Ask questions. Listen.

Want to be less stressed? Organize yourself. Start by throwing/giving a bunch of things away. The less you have, the less you’ll have to stress about.


Why should you do these things on Labor Day weekend?

Because everyone else is too busy doing nothing. The world (and the space in your head) is slightly more ‘open’ than it is on other weekends.

The opportunities for positive change are right here and are more apparent than ever.

And on this one weekend, nothing is standing in your way.

No Excuses.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Excellent advice!

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