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Living Social Promotion!

Posted on by Alycia

To All Members:

We ran a ‘deal’ on LivingSocial ( an email-based daily coupon company) on Thursday, June 9th. We promoted a 6-class package at a discounted rate and we got a great response! The quantity purchased exceeded our expectations – as of 11pm on Thursday, we sold 145 coupons and there are still 6 hours left in the promotion.

Over the next few weeks, there will be an influx of new people into the gym. Your classes might be larger, and there will be a lot of new faces in the gym. To accommodate, we’ve purchased more bumper plates and bars, and we’ll continue to outfit the gym as necessary.

Justin and I will do everything in our power to make sure that classes run as normal, with minimal interruptions or changes to the pace of class. We want to show our new guests a great time and we also want to preserve the quality, intensity and flow of your workout.

What you can do to help:

1. If you are already familiar with the movements that we will be doing as skill work or strength, please feel free to start on those at your own pace after the warm up. No need to listen to us teach the basics while you can be working out!

2. If you notice a new person is confused, make an effort to show them what to do. It only takes 2 seconds, and it’ll help the whole class run smoothly.

3. During the met-con, work out as you normally would. Do not compromise your own workout. It is our (Justin and Alycia’s) job to make sure that things run smoothly, that the new people experience CrossFit properly, and that our existing members get a good workout in.

4. Show off! Show the new people what CrossFit is all about, tell them about your own experience with CrossFit, and show them how strong and fast you’ve become as a result. Tell them how you eat, why you eat that way, and what it’s done for you. Tell them why CrossFit is so cool.

5. If you need a spotter, someone to look at your form, or if you have a question that you need answered, feel free to ask some of our more senior members and/or Jay Holonia or Tom Lexa – they are both CrossFit Level 1 certified and they know their stuff. Also, after June 19th, Dave Hampton and Beth Walker will also be Level 1 certified (yay!).

Thank you for being respectful and patient over the next few weeks.
More people who join the gym from this promotion = More equipment and fun stuff for you.
Let’s have a great JUNE!

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  1. Steve says:

    Wow. I’m really happy for you guys. Watching this take off from the perspective of an original garage member is kinda amazing, kinda overwhelming and pretty exciting.

    I am really curious to see what tomorrow morning looks like….I will try and bring my A game.

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