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How to Make Your Gym More AWESOME

Posted on by Alycia

You like CrossFit. You like thisĀ  gym. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t keep coming back for more.

You can help us make your experience at CrossFit Aspire an even BETTER one by doing the following:

1. Make efforts to meet the people around you, especially those who have joined within the last few weeks. CrossFit is intimidating to everyone in the beginning, so try your best to make our newest members feel comfortable. You might make a friend along the way.

2. Check the WOD section of crossfitaspire.com to see our daily workouts, videos, pictures of yourself and other members, helpful tips and articles, recipes, and links to other cool sites.

3. If you are on Facebook, please “Like” our page. We re-post a lot of the articles and recipes from our website, as well as other videos, articles, and info from other gyms in the CrossFit community. Plus, you can chime in, talk with other members, and with us, about CrossFit, food or whatever you want.

4. Once you are a fan of our page, take a moment to “Share” the content that we post with your friends and family that you think would enjoy CrossFit. Or simply re-post them to your wall. Crossfit grows organically, through word of mouth and online sharing.

5. Take a few postcards from the front table and keep them in your car or bag. You never know when you’ll run into someone who’s looking to get back into shape, or who wants to join a CrossFit gym.

6. Email Alycia with your thoughts/suggestions for how we might improve the gym. We sometimes can’t see our own faults or inefficiencies, so your suggestions would be a BIG help!

7. If you belong to a group (a sports team, networking group, co-workers, church, PTA, book club, social club) and you think that CrossFit would be a fun group outing for your members, let Alycia know. We can put together a class just for members of your group (6 or more people), so they can all try it out together without worrying about how they’ll look in front of CrossFitters. Class would include a fun workout, light snacks and waters, and a playlist that you think would suit your audience (i can’t believe not everyone loves punk and metal music. weird.).

Walk to the gym? Too slow. Our members RUN to the workout. Now THAT'S enthusiasm.

Your enthusiasm is integral to our success, and to creating an amazing gym with tons of great classes, equipment and people. Thank you so much to those who have already invited friends and family to a class.

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