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For The Love of Food: Mouthwatering Food Photo Gallery from PARIS!

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Over the last 6 years, Justin and I have grown an insatiable love of cooking, dining, eating, and talking about all things food. Our dinners are sometimes epic, our parties are all about the food, and we’ve spent more time talking about food and ingredients than you can imagine. We’re not gourmet chefs in the slightest, in fact we tend to cook very simple meals. But when we go out, we do it up right.

As we planned our wedding earlier this year, our choice of honeymoon locale was easy – a place that had amazing food, great wine, an interesting culture, and plenty of city to explore. Naturally, Paris topped the list. We spent an incredible week in the city of love (and food) – we saw some amazing sites, looked at famous works of art, people-watched, relaxed, and ate, ate, ate. To help us ensure that the meals were unforgettable, we documented everything we ate, and we’re sharing it here!

REGARDING VACATION EATING: This was our honeymoon – the nutritional value of our foods played a very minor role in our decisions of what to eat.  However, since we’ve been eating ‘real foods’ ( no gluten, sugar, processed crap)  most of the time for almost two years now, we were naturally drawn to the foods that would leave us full and happy. While we did indulge in pastries, croissants and crepes ( it’s Paris!!), we were happiest with a good steak and glass of wine.

Try not to drool on your keyboard.

Yes, that’s a brain about halfway down.

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  1. Steve says:

    This “brain” photo explains so much. Clearly, you’re trying to train us to the point of exhaustion so you can kill us and eat our brains. Zombie Trainers…you’ve been exposed. :)

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