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Fall 2011 Nutrition Challenge Winners and Before/After Photos!

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The Fall 2011 Nutrition Challenge was a major success!

We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome – from major weight loss to disappearance of daily symptoms to a new perspective on food, everyone gained something valuable from this challenge. And it is our hope that you take what you learn and continue to cook, eat and nourish yourself properly going forward.

Without further ado, we are proud to announce the WINNERS….yes, multiple people won this challenge!

As this challenge went on, and especially after seeing the numbers (weight loss and improvement in the workout), it became apparent that with so many factors contributing to ‘success’ in this challenge, there was no way to choose just one person as the winner. We found it impossible to choose just one person who encompassed everything.

The WINNERS of the Fall 2011 CrossFit Aspire Nutrition Challenge are:

BY THE NUMBERS: This person’s combined weight loss (7%) and workout improvement (39%) was most impressive out of all of the participants.This person is DOREEN!

Doreen not only lost weight and drastically improved her workout time, she also actively sought out recipes and tips to help her through this transition into eating well. She was one of very few to request that we extend the challenge out to 60 days since she was having such great success on it. We wish Doreen much luck in the future and we’re here to support her for an extra 30 days or a lifetime. Congratulations, Doreen!

MOST VOCAL/HELPFUL: This power-couple was the most influential and informative throughout the entire challenge, acting as a comment moderator, question answerer, blog writer, encouragement giver, and all-around knowledgeable duo. This couple is STEVE and JAMIE. ( I tried to make you guys into a “Bennifer” -type name, but it didn’t work…Stamie or Jeve just sound silly, sorry!). They didn’t have weight to lose, but they had plenty of knowledge to give. They will continue to be a great resource within the gym in the future. Thanks guys!

The total amount contributed by members was $340, which will be split evenly between the two winning groups. See Alycia or Justin to claim your prize money. I’m ASSUMING you’ll be spending it on grassfed beef and fancy ingredients! But honestly, spend it however you want. Treat yourselves to a massage at the least – you deserve it!



In addition to the winners, there were MANY people who actively contributed to the success of the challenge. In no particular order, they are:

Most Well Documented: Kate Eckert, who kept up her blog, Kate vs Food, for the entire challenge. She has some great stories and recipes that will be used as a resource for future challenges.

Most Visual: Shamus submitted a photo every day of the challenge. I still have a stockpile that I intend to use at some point. His pictures were drool-worthy, funny, enormous, and downright delicious looking.

Most Questions Asked during the first 48 hours of the Challenge: Ameet! This guy travels and has a high stress life – he had a lot to ask about! (This was done behind the scenes in emails.)

Most Impressive Before/After Pic: Mike Ferguson. (See below). Holy abs, Batman! Mike is a chef, and stopped grazing during work while on the challenge. Looks like it helped a little :)

Most Enthusiastic: Jill Fisher. This was not her first challenge, but it proved to be the most successful one. She learned how to cook, and made some very significant life-long changes. Her stories and revelations are in the comments section of the posts on the Nutrition page.

Most Hands On: Melissa G.! She hosted a mini cooking clinic at our house, where she taught us a bunch of simple tips on choosing proper cutlery, and how to shop veggies and fresh herbs. Thank you, Melissa!

Best Meatloaf: Laura. Seriously Laura. I ate it with my hands, out of a tupperware container, while at a red light in the car. Maybe that just shows that I’m a pig, but it was really, really, really good. Thanks for the huge portion!

Most Successful Newbies: Liz and Jesse. They are new to CrossFit, and to eating healthy, and they did a fantastic job of keeping strict and losing a bunch of weight (20 lbs between the two of them!). Keep it up!

Most impressive gym performance: Sharon. She came out of nowhere during this challenge and set a bunch of PRs, not letting anything stand in her way. She also reduced her “Garage” time by half! Watch out – don’t get in her way or she’ll power clean you.

Most Impressive Body Composition Change: Peggy. Justin won’t stop talking about how good Peggy looks. Should I be worried? Peggy also should win for ‘funniest comments on the blog’. She’s a riot.



In 30 days, we weren’t looking for an obese-to-thin picture comparison. That just isn’t possible in that amount of time. What we did expect, and we did see, is our members go from ‘average’ to ‘significantly more awesome looking’ in just a few short weeks. Here are the four brave souls who let me post their pictures for all of the internet to see.

*If you have a Before/After that you want to send me, please do, and I’ll add it here. Consider it your contribution to the Spring 2012 Nutrition Challenge, where you’ll serve as a hopeful illustration of what can happen.

Julie Toone: Total weight loss – 14lbs

Alex Carrese: Total weight loss – 10lbs

Mike Ferguson: Total weight loss – 12lbs

Jill Fisher: Total weight loss – 5lbs

Lastly, we received a lot of great feedback from the survey. It looks like you all enjoyed success during the challenge, and were grateful for the support. It’s the people who did the challenge with you, especially the winners and honorable mentions, that provided the bulk of the support. You all were such an important factor in one another’s success, and I hope you realize that you can now go forward, armed with knowledge and a group of people behind you, and start to live healthy and help others.

We’ll catch up at the Spring 2011 Nutrition Challenge! Look for more blog posts/nutrition discussions before then. Congratulations again!

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10 Responses to Fall 2011 Nutrition Challenge Winners and Before/After Photos!

  1. Jamie says:

    Congrats, Doreen! Very awesome! I am impressed by everyone Alycia mentioned, especially all of you who were brave enough to submit pictures. You all look amazing!

  2. Steve says:

    Cool. Thanks! I think we should celebrate tomorrow with deadlifts, but then I always think that.

  3. Kate says:

    Yayy so well-deserved! Congrats to all of the challengers for such awesome results! :)

  4. Doreen says:

    Thanks Jamie. Are you Michelle’s sister??
    I am up for deadlifts but can we do them monday instead, will be out of town tomorrow!

    Thanks Alycia and Justin for making the challenge make sense. I am usually not a big proponent
    ofeating plans that eliminate so many food groups but you made it make sense and made it easy to stick to it.


  5. Brianna says:

    Congrats to the winners!

    I agree Jamie and Steve were great encouragement and support during the challenge, thanks for all of your help! (Jamie will be happy that I am eating some chicken right now, as I type this… vegetarian gone meat eater)

    Great photo’s everyone!

  6. Jamie says:

    Hey Doreen: Nope, I have no sisters. :) Just two brothers in Detroit.

    Congrats again!

  7. Alex says:

    Congratulations everyone!

    Btw I love the difference between Mike’s “hung over/I don’t want to do this” look to his “look at me flexing” pose.

  8. Julie T says:

    Congrats all!!!

  9. Cathy says:

    Great job everyone! Congratulations!!!!

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