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Adults & Kids Classes

CrossFit is hard work, and although the workouts are challenging, you do not need to lose weight or get into shape before coming to CrossFit Aspire. CrossFit workouts are appropriate and beneficial for all levels of athleticism, age, and ability. All of the movements in class can be modified to accommodate former couch potatoes to elite level athletes and everyone in between. The workouts feel more like sports practice than a gym class – our members are learning new things, engaging in friendly competition, and making consistent progress.

CrossFit Program

Every class during given day does the same WOD (Workout Of the Day), and the WOD changes daily so you’ll never do the same workout twice. This constant variation causes quicker and more noticeable adaptions than a typical gym class or exercise routine, the intensity and variation keep it fresh and sustainable.

Each class begins with a group warm up and skill work to prime the body for the workout to come. The strength movement of the day is taught with a strong focus on form and technique. The strength movement is then performed with weight to increase strength and movement proficiency. The last portion of class is an intense, all out conditioning workout that starts with a 3..2..1 countdown and usually ends with everyone on the floor gasping for air. Sometimes the conditioning workout lasts a mere 5 minutes, other times it’s upwards of 25 minutes.

Supplementary Adult Classes:


Short, fast interval run workouts designed to improve speed and endurance. Perfect for those training for races, or those who are looking to improve their run technique and/or stamina.
SCHEDULE Saturdays at 9am
FREE and open to the public. This does not count as a regular class. This is a club that is run out of the gym.


Work with David Luk, a competitor and trainer for the US Team. Refine your technique on the clean, jerk and snatch and all variations of those lifts. Work extensively on drills and form to improve overall proficiency in these movements.
SCHEDULE Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Sundays (Beginner) at 11:30am