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It’s been a while since we’ve done a physical challenge as a team, and we’d like to get back into it! Why? Because it’s fun, and what’s the point of getting strong and fast if you aren’t going to put your skills to use?!

If you are the competitive and/or adventurous type,  here are a few upcoming events for you:

McGuire Mud Run, Saturday, Sept 10th.

6 miles of trail running and obstacles through muddy terrain and water. It’s a blast. It’s dirty. And you’ve love it.

Who’s doing it? Marcella is participating, Meghan said she’d want to do it, and I’ve heard some chatter around the gym from other people who would like to do this. Here is a link to the website to visit to sign up.

What does it cost? $40. Worth every penny.

What you should do:
Write in the “Comments” section if you would like to participate. Let’s get a team together!

Bad@ss CrossFitter Francine at the Merrill Mud Run last weekend.

Justin, Alycia and other CrossFitters from the 2009 McGuire Mud Run. We must have been extra careful - we aren't nearly as muddy as Francine...





CrossFit 215 Partner Throwdown. Saturday, Sept 10th. CrossFit 215 in East Falls, Philadelphia.

This is a partner competition in which teams of 1 male and 1 female will compete in 3 WODs that are based off of the CrossFit Hero WODs. Guys and girls who can complete most Hero WODs without scaling and/or who have multiple unassisted pull ups are encouraged to sign up.

Here is a short video clip from one of the workouts at last year’s  CrossFit 215 throwdown:

Who should do this? Athletes who are consistently displaying the highest strength and conditioning numbers in the gym. If you aren’t sure if you are a good candidate, ask Justin or Alycia.

What does it cost? $75 per team, so $37.50 each person.  FYI – its free to spectate, so if our some of our members end up competing, we better see the others there, cheering them on! This a great source of motivation for spectators. The intensity of the workouts and the crowd is enough to give you months of elevated enthusiasm.

What you should do: Tell Justin or Alycia that you are interested, and we’ll set up teams. The workouts will be announced the week of the competition and we will provide free team coaching on movements/transitions/timing,etc.

CrossFit Aspire Open House/In-House Competition. Tentatively Saturday, Sept 17th.

Every day in a CrossFit gym is a mini-competition, in a way. But what if you were really competing against the other members, and against yourself? What if there were prizes and a crowd cheering? Would that change the way you worked out? We think so.

We’re still in the planning phase, but we’re hoping to conduct and in-house competition/Open House/Bring a Friend day. The day will likely include food, music, prizes, free massages, and sneaker/clothing vendors as well.

We are looking to have an ‘all levels’ competition, in which our members can compete against one another, and with their friends/family who came out to visit, as well as an ‘Advanced’ competition in which our best athletes (if you are on the leaderboard, this means YOU) face off against one another. This will be a unique chance to see some of our top athletes from the evening classes compete against the morning crew.

More details to follow!!!

The warmup from the last "Bring a Friend" day at CrossFit Aspire


If you know of any other upcoming events/races/physical challenges that you’d like to us to compete in as a team, please let us know!

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  1. Francine says:

    Bad@ss Crossfitter? That’s the best compliment that I’ve received in months. :-)

  2. Alycia says:

    I call it like I see it.

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