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Top 10 Reasons You Should Run the Haddon Twp Turkey Trot

Posted on by Alycia

The Haddon Township Turkey Trot is an all-levels 5k (3.1 miles) road race that begins and ends at the Pour House on Haddon Ave. It’s at 9am on Saturday, November 26th.

Here’s the link to register.

Reasons you’ll want to run this one:

10. You haven’t run more than 400 meters at a time since you started CrossFit.

9. You know you can run 3 miles if you tried.

8. You are training for a marathon.

7. You want to be better at running.

6. You like supporting local events.

5. You like doing sports/activities with your friends from the gym.

4. You are competitive. (If you’re a decent runner, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll win your age group)

3. You will be awake anyway, with nothing else on your agenda.

2. You collect race t shirts. (this one’s long sleeved!)

1. You get to eat free eggs and bacon after the race with Alycia!

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2 Upcoming Events!

Posted on by Alycia

According to our survey results, you want to be involved in more CrossFit challenges and workouts with members of other gyms.

Well…good timing, because there are two coming up!

November 5th, CrossFit OTG in Williamstown, 8:30am – A workout challenge including 3 events, to be completed my individuals. $50 buy in. More info is here.

November 12th, CrossFit King Of Prussia -  A partner workout that is comprised of two CrossFit benchmark workouts – Helen and Grace. Free event.  More info is here.

We’ll post info for both events on the whiteboard. If you plan on attending either, write your name on the board so that we can work out carpools and info like that.

If you don’t feel like participating, but you want to come out and support, please also note that on the whiteboard. Simply attending a CrossFit competition can motivate you for months to come.

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Yoga: The CrossFit of Stretching

Posted on by Alycia

CrossFit Aspire is introducing Aspire Yoga – a twice weekly Yoga class for those of you who want to increase performance, mobility, and clear your head a little.

Some of you saw that and said, “Oh, cool”. The rest of you probably thought “Meh. Not for me”…..


What you might be thinking:

“I don’t think I’d do well in a yoga class”
“Yoga sounds like too much work”
“Yoga is only for hippie women.”

“Yoga is for girls. It’s not a guy thing.”
“I don’t need yoga in my life to recover. I’m fine as is. So what if I can’t reach behind my back to get that itch, or bend down to tie my shoes, or catch a clean in a perfect front squat?”

NOW…. replace some of those words and see how funny it sounds.

” I don’t think I’d do well in CrossFit”
“CrossFit is too much work”
“CrossFit is for 20 yr olds that work out till they puke”
“CrossFit is for guys who are already strong. It’s not a girl thing.”
“I don’t need CrossFit to be stronger or faster. I’m fine as is. So what if I can’t pick up a heavy bag of dog food, or I can’t jog out to my mailbox and back?”

If you had a friend who said those things about CrossFit, you’d do all that you could to show her that she was wrong, correct?

Well, that’s what we’re doing here. Right Now. To You.

Consider this your intervention.


You can’t get into a good overhead position without pain or significant ‘pain ball’/'foam rolling’/'band stretching’ beforehand.

I’ve seen you try to squat. It’s painful to watch. I can’t imagine how it must feel.

We’ve all witnessed your poor excuse for a push press.


Aspire Yoga is a membership add-on that we are offering a ridiculously low price. Why? Because it’s that important. Yoga improves your discipline, body awareness, strength, mobility and reinforces proper movement patterns.

Here’s the Scoop

Start Date: Wednesday, November 2nd
Aspire Yoga will be offered a twice weekly:
SATURDAY 11:15am
Pricing: $25/month for one weekly class or $40/month for two weekly classes. This is an add-on to your membership, and will be included in your monthly fee.

These prices just don’t exist anywhere else in the area. Jump on this before they go up in 2012.


These classes will also be open to the public, so tell your yoga-loving friends to get their supple butts into our gym!
Class prices for non-members will be $12 drop in fee, 5 classes for $54 or 10 classes for $100.

Wednesday classes will be taught by Laura Maron (wife of the lean and mean Jon Maron) and Saturday classes will be taught by Brianna O’Neal (a bad-ass CrossFit newbie who is poised to do big things). A full bio on them and description of their classes is coming soon. They each offer a different style of Yoga, so there is something for everyone!

We will have official sign-up sheets at the gym within the week, so you can easily add on Yoga to your membership beginning in November. If you signed up mid-month, and your monthly fee cycle is NOT on the 1st of the month, you can start with Yoga when your November membership begins, or you can start right away and just pay in cash for your first few classes until your November fee starts.

Questions? Email alycia@crossfitaspire.com or ask us in class!

Guys want to be him. Girls want to be with him. Matthew McConaughey does yoga. You should, too.


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Survey Says: 6 Improvements We are Making

Posted on by Alycia

Thank you for taking the time to fill it out with your thoughts and suggestions. The fact that you told us the good, the bad, and thought about improvements, shows that you care about the gym and our success in the future.

You spoke and we listened.


It seems as though the majority of people are relatively happy with the current schedule (which makes sense, since you joined the gym). Currently, we have availability to add 9am, 12:30pm (in November), and 4:30pm, but there weren’t quite enough responses to warrant the addition of a new class. If you absolutely can, and will, make it out to any of those class times during the week, post that to comment or email me. I’ll keep tally, as we’re willing to add the classes whenever you are ready!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are returning to our pre-summer 7:30am class schedule, beginning next week. This schedule is Mon, Wed and Fri.
(That will open up some opportunity for Tues/Thurs 9am or 12:30, fyi).

2.Favorite Thing to Do in Class:

Barbell strength movements came in on top, followed by Olympic lifts. This is great, since our gym is a ‘strength-biased’ CrossFit gym, and we intend on staying that way. So, you’ll be seeing more of the same with the barbell lifts, and you’ll be getting some extra coaching in the Olympic lifts as well. Our coaches are all hard at work learning the in’s-and-out’s of Olympic lifting from a variety of sources, so as to provide you with the very best in coaching and technique advice.

There wasn’t any one thing that was a clear “least favorite”, so we’ll continue to incorporate a variety of skills and movements into our classes.


Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Mobility were the top three choices. Be on the lookout for upcoming seminars (taught by pro’s in the sport!) on Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics.

Alycia is working her way through a 200 page book on mobility and self-myofascial release (the pain ball and foam roller stuff),  so prepared to be brutalized…I mean, repaired during upcoming classes. A mobility ‘mini-clinic’ will probably happen a few times a year as well.

Seminars will happen on the weekends, per your suggestions.


18 of your said that you would take Yoga if it were offered on a weekly basis for a minimal add-on fee. Beginning in mid-October, you’ll be getting your wish! We are offering TWO class times/week – Wednesday at 7:45pm and Saturday at 11:15am. The two times allows for the option to add 4 or 8 yoga classes/month into your current CrossFit schedule. Yoga is something that we believe EVERY athlete at our gym needs to be doing, so we are keeping the pricing super-low. You’ll have the option to sign up for a weekly Yoga add-on for $25/month, or a twice-weekly Yoga add-on for $40/month.

More info on Yoga is coming in the next big blog post. Stay tuned!


You rated our four coaches, and they all scored well! Strengths and weaknesses were pointed out, and our general thoughts on things were re-enforced, meaning that we are all on the same page. Coaching is a lifelong learning experience, and all of our coaches are engaging in continued outside education in the form of seminars, CrossFit gym visits, coaching and lifting forums, coaching DVDs, books, and more. Overall, your responses lit a fire under our butts and we’ll be working extra-hard to uphold our status and to make improvements where necessary.

6.Additional Suggestions:

Showers: YES! Our next location (YES, we are very close to a final agreement on a stand-alone building that’s just a few hundred feet down the street. Possible move-in date of February, 2012) will have showers to make morning, lunchtime, and afternoon classes a possibility for more people.

Music: Our current playlist is a compilation of music from our members. If you don’t like it, bring in your own to add to the mix. The music is ‘approved’ by Justin and Alycia, but basically anything goes. Just burn us a CD, or somehow get your music to us, and we’ll add it ASAP.

Water: We will be selling bottled water, as well as large reusable water bottles in the front area within the next few weeks. We will also be selling PaleoKits soon (beef jerky, nuts and fruit, for easy paleo snacking on the go!).

Charity: We would LOVE to do something to support our local community, and to give back to those in need. Ameet had a great suggestion about doing something as a company (offering a fitness ‘scholarship’ to local children), or getting our members involved in a locally-based charitable endeavor. We think this is a great idea. If you have a charity or organization that is of particular significance to you, please note that in comments or email Alycia. We’d love to do a fundraiser WOD, or to put our muscles to use with a town clean-up project, habitat for humanity project, or something like that.

Partnerships: As we expand, we are looking to partner up with local companies that have similar goals of making people healthy and happy. If you know of a great small business that you think could benefit from being associated with our gym (and likewise, us benefiting from them), let me know! We are not big on offering discounts to customers of other stores (our prices are already so low per class for what we offer)but we love having friends/partners in the area that we can work with on projects, events, etc. We also occasionally barter for creative services (photography, graphic design), rehab services (massage), and we can barter for cleaning services, etc.

Thank you again for the ego boost, and the kick in the pants. It’s because of you that we are driven to become a better gym.

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No Excuses Weekend is upon us…

Posted on by admin

Labor Day Weekend.

For most people, it’s a great excuse to take it easy, after a summer of taking it easy. Summer hours at the office, summer break at the schools, casual Fridays, long weekends at the beach, international travel with the family…certainly those things warrant a long weekend of crappy food, drinking and wasting time, right?

Luckily, you’re smarter than that and you’ve seen what happens to yourself after letting things slide for the summer. You know that you’re better than that and you’re eager to get back on track.

Welcome to No Excuses Weekend.

This weekend is about making preparations to make sure that your fall, winter and spring are AWESOME. Even better than last year. It’s about making sure that you are setting yourself up to be healthier, in better shape, leaner, stronger, faster, more radiant, more less-stressed, more well-rested than you were at this point last year.

If you spent more than a few minutes this summer thinking “I wish…” , ” I should….”, “I really need to….”, then No Excuses weekend is for you.

WHAT TO DO on No Excuses Weekend.

1. Make a list of your top 2 things that you want to accomplish now that the summer is over. Just pick two for now. You can always add more things later in the year.

2. Use the weekend to prepare yourself for taking action and making progress toward completing your goal.

Want to kick your sugar habit? Raid you cabinets and get rid of everything that has ingredients you can’t understand, remove all sugar (obviously) and go food shopping for grassfed meats and fresh vegetables. Scour the internet and 25 new recipes that only use whole foods. (HINT: Google “Paleo + Recipe)

Want to see more results at the gym? Start going more often! Don’t waste your money – come to every class that you paid for. If you are only coming twice a week, consider bumping up to 3x week. Also, listen. Listen to our recommendations, our movement cues, our pleads for you to go faster,  to not stop, to keep moving. Intensity is a big part of why CrossFit is effective. Get intense. Give 100% at every workout.

Want to stop feeling fat? Remove all grains from your diet. (grains = wheat, rice, corn, oats)

Want to recover faster from workouts? (Those of you who have trouble sitting down or walking after a workout…I’m looking at you) Buy a foam roller and a lacrosse or tennis ball and USE THEM EVERY NIGHT. Roll around on your ‘sore bits’ and ask Alycia or Justin for tips.

Want to learn more about nutrition? Download Robb Wolf’s Paleo Podcasts on iTunes. They are free, hour long, sometimes geeky Q&A sessions regarding how we should eat, why we should eat that way, and how to implement it.

Want to have more energy? Start going to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal. In a few weeks, push it back another 30 minutes.  Invest in heavy, dark curtains that block out all light. Also, avoid fruit or carb-heavy meals in the morning and afternoon hours.

Want to look better? Do all of the above.

Want to feel better? Ditto.

Want more people to like you? Start being nicer to them. Say hello and make eye contact. Ask questions. Listen.

Want to be less stressed? Organize yourself. Start by throwing/giving a bunch of things away. The less you have, the less you’ll have to stress about.


Why should you do these things on Labor Day weekend?

Because everyone else is too busy doing nothing. The world (and the space in your head) is slightly more ‘open’ than it is on other weekends.

The opportunities for positive change are right here and are more apparent than ever.

And on this one weekend, nothing is standing in your way.

No Excuses.


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A little CrossFit here, a little CrossFit there. New signs are ready!

Posted on by Alycia

We have 30 lawn signs to disperse around the area in hopes of spreading the CrossFit word.

The question is…


You guys live all over South Jersey, so I’m hoping that you can recommend some key intersections/busy spots/traffic-ridden stretches of road that might be ideal for posting one of these signs.


If we get a new member because they saw our sign at your suggested location, you’ll win a PRIZE! No limit on the number of prizes you can win, so start suggesting!!!

Put your suggestions in the COMMENTS section of this blog post.


-Alycia and Justin



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Posted on by Alycia

You asked and we listened. Our class schedule is growing to accommodate your schedules :)

We’ve decided to keep the 7:30am classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, making a consistent 4-class/day schedule throughout the week.

On the weekends, we’re adding an additional SUNDAY class at 1pm. This class is perfect for those who struggle to get here during the week, and are looking to fit in an extra WOD.

The first Sunday 1pm class will be on Sunday, September 18th.

The classes will be taught by Jay or Beth, with random guest appearances by Justin or Alycia (as class participants, not trainers. It’s our day off!)

We hope you appreciate the new class. As we continue to grow, be on the lookout for further additions to our class schedule.

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Posted on by Alycia

It’s been a while since we’ve done a physical challenge as a team, and we’d like to get back into it! Why? Because it’s fun, and what’s the point of getting strong and fast if you aren’t going to put your skills to use?!

If you are the competitive and/or adventurous type,  here are a few upcoming events for you:

McGuire Mud Run, Saturday, Sept 10th.

6 miles of trail running and obstacles through muddy terrain and water. It’s a blast. It’s dirty. And you’ve love it.

Who’s doing it? Marcella is participating, Meghan said she’d want to do it, and I’ve heard some chatter around the gym from other people who would like to do this. Here is a link to the website to visit to sign up.

What does it cost? $40. Worth every penny.

What you should do:
Write in the “Comments” section if you would like to participate. Let’s get a team together!

Bad@ss CrossFitter Francine at the Merrill Mud Run last weekend.

Justin, Alycia and other CrossFitters from the 2009 McGuire Mud Run. We must have been extra careful - we aren't nearly as muddy as Francine...





CrossFit 215 Partner Throwdown. Saturday, Sept 10th. CrossFit 215 in East Falls, Philadelphia.

This is a partner competition in which teams of 1 male and 1 female will compete in 3 WODs that are based off of the CrossFit Hero WODs. Guys and girls who can complete most Hero WODs without scaling and/or who have multiple unassisted pull ups are encouraged to sign up.

Here is a short video clip from one of the workouts at last year’s  CrossFit 215 throwdown:

Who should do this? Athletes who are consistently displaying the highest strength and conditioning numbers in the gym. If you aren’t sure if you are a good candidate, ask Justin or Alycia.

What does it cost? $75 per team, so $37.50 each person.  FYI – its free to spectate, so if our some of our members end up competing, we better see the others there, cheering them on! This a great source of motivation for spectators. The intensity of the workouts and the crowd is enough to give you months of elevated enthusiasm.

What you should do: Tell Justin or Alycia that you are interested, and we’ll set up teams. The workouts will be announced the week of the competition and we will provide free team coaching on movements/transitions/timing,etc.

CrossFit Aspire Open House/In-House Competition. Tentatively Saturday, Sept 17th.

Every day in a CrossFit gym is a mini-competition, in a way. But what if you were really competing against the other members, and against yourself? What if there were prizes and a crowd cheering? Would that change the way you worked out? We think so.

We’re still in the planning phase, but we’re hoping to conduct and in-house competition/Open House/Bring a Friend day. The day will likely include food, music, prizes, free massages, and sneaker/clothing vendors as well.

We are looking to have an ‘all levels’ competition, in which our members can compete against one another, and with their friends/family who came out to visit, as well as an ‘Advanced’ competition in which our best athletes (if you are on the leaderboard, this means YOU) face off against one another. This will be a unique chance to see some of our top athletes from the evening classes compete against the morning crew.

More details to follow!!!

The warmup from the last "Bring a Friend" day at CrossFit Aspire


If you know of any other upcoming events/races/physical challenges that you’d like to us to compete in as a team, please let us know!

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Two morning classes EVERY weekday!

Posted on by Alycia


We’re adding morning classes through the end of the summer (and possibly beyond).

Our 6:30 class went from a less populated to one of our MOST populated class times within the past few weeks. There will now be a 7:30am class EVERY WEEKDAY to help even out the number of people in each class. This will help classes run smoothly and eliminate uneccessary waiting/sharing during lifting, modifying metcons, or running over class time in the 6:30am class.

We hope you’ll appreciate the added classes and will come out to the new 7:30am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We will re-evaluate the schedule when the school year begins. For now, we’ll see you at any of the 4 classes that we offer every weekday  :)

QUESTION: What class time works BEST for your schedule? It can be a class time that we DO or DON’T currently offer.

PLEASE answer in the comments section or via email to alycia@crossfitaspire.com if you want your response to be private. Your feedback will help us provide the best experience for you, our members.

Thank you!!


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Stuff We Have = Stuff You Want

Posted on by Alycia

Life at CrossFit Aspire is all about looking better, feeling better and performing better.
If you don’t already know, we now provide you with the tools to do all three!
In addition to providing you with the workouts, equipment and coaching during class, we also offer you these awesome things for home/gym use. We bought in bulk and priced them accordingly, to save you money.


Foam Rollers – These are amazing tools for loosening up your tight muscles, restoring the sliding surfaces between your muscles and tendons, and breaking up scar tissue or muscle tightness. To use, simply put the majority of your weight on the roller and roll up and down, and back and forth across whichever muscles are tight. This is a perfect recovery tool to use while watching TV or relaxing. It’ll help you recover faster from workouts and feel move comfortable getting into all of the required positions.
Foam Rollers : $15

Mats – Yoga mats are now available at the front of the room. Grab one can write your name on it in sharpie so that you can keep it at the gym for when we have yoga class, when we do push ups (if you use your knees) or when we do anything that might feel better with a little padding underneath you (think thigh touches or sit ups)
Yoga Mats: $5


If you are struggling to get double unders, or even perfect single unders, a rope that is custom-trimmed to your personalized length might help aid in the process. You are welcome to leave the rope here (use a piece of tape to wrap around the handle and write your name on it) or take it home to practice on your own.
Jump Ropes: $15


What better way to show off your ever-improving body than by sporting a CrossFit Aspire T shirt or Tank Top? T shirts are printed on soft American Apparel 50/25/25 T shirts and are available in Men’s (S,L,XL) and Women’s sizes (S,M,L). Tank Tops are printed on soft tri-blend Bella tank tops and are available in Women’s sizes S,M,L,XL. All shirts run a little small, so try before you buy!
T shirts: $20
Tank Tops: $25

FRONT: This is a post-workout close up. Please don’t mind the sweat ;)


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