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Why you should care (or at least know) about the CrossFit Games.

Posted on by Alycia

The most significant competition in the world of CrossFit is coming up in less than two weeks. On July 13th, 14th and 15th, a few hundred of the top CrossFit men, women, affiliate teams and Master’s competitors will compete to see who is the fittest man and women in CrossFit. This group was chosen from over 50,000 CrossFit athletes who registered online to compete in the Spring 2012 Open (and the 100’s of thousands of other unregistered CrossFit athletes). These are the BEST of the BEST. Only 3 men and 3 women were chosen from the Northeast (NJ up to Maine).


On a daily or weekly basis, you come into our gym and you do the same types workouts that these athletes did to get them to the games. Just like professional athletes, they are training many more hours per week than the average CrossFit gym goer, but the concepts behind the workout (hard, fast, heavy workouts) is the same.

As a non-athlete, I never really understood why people sat at home watching sports. Until the 2011 CrossFit Games when

I holed myself up in my house for an entire weekend and sat infront of our tiny computer screen and watched the entirety of the live coverage and recap shows. I turned into a hermit. Obsessively watching exercise. That other people were doing. Why did it matter so much to me? Because I watched these people compete, recognized the movements that they were doing, saw the look on their faces, and thought “Hey, I was there once. I remember what the 50th wall ball in a row feels like, or how heavy the barbell feels after 40 thrusters, or how hard my lungs had to work to do unbroken burpees. I’ve been there and I can relate. Every time an athlete put the bar down, or tore a callus, or had the look of sheer agony on their face, I could relate. When they won a workout and a big smile spread across their face, I could relate. And when they did the very best that they could possibly do on that one day, I could relate.

The point here is that these people are larger-than-life versions of you. They are doing things that you might once have saw on TV years ago and scoffed at – “I could never do that”. Except now you do. Every week. You are a CrossFit athlete, and your fellow athletes are competing in the competition of their lives. Don’t you want to cheer them on?


For casual fans, watching a season of football will not make them better players. Practicing will make them better players. But after just one or two seasons of watching, they come to understand the nuance of the game, the hidden rules, and the ways that players maximize efficiency and power on the field. They become armchair referees and coaches. Their knowledge of stats, plays, rules and winning tactics increases.

By watching the Games and recap shows, you can stand to learn a LOT about the top athletes, how they train, and how they formulated a strategy and paced the workouts to maximize their chances of coming in first. They don’t just get out into the arena and ‘go as fast as they can’. They have a strategy. And by watching them compete, you can learn a lot about what makes a strong CrossFit competitor, both mentally and physically.

Now, being armed with that knowledge won’t be enough to get you to the CrossFit Games 2013, but over time, you might have the opportunity to take things to the next level by starting to care a little more about the weight that’s on your bar, your conditioning improvements, and by pushing yourself to work even harder during every workout.
After seeing these top athletes yell in pain, fall down with weakness, and get back up to finish the workout…all while tossing weights around that you can’t even deadlift yet, you might just re-think the meaning of ‘going heavy’ or ‘pushing through’ or ‘finishing strong’ in your own workouts.

After a few months of working on your skills, becoming stronger, and pushing yourself harder in class, you might enter a local CrossFit competition. You might win that competition. And it begins…


Big fish always have fun in little ponds. Part of the reason that some of you are here is because the movements and workouts in CrossFit came naturally to you. The concept of doing hard work is engrained in your being, and this was ‘no big deal’. Yeah, it was hard, but after a few weeks or months, you caught on and now you routinely finish in the top 20% of the athletes at our gym in any given workout.

First of all, Congratulations! You are a great athlete and you set a good example for the others. Now, for the hard truth – you are weaker and slower than every single person competing in the Games this year, and than most people who competed in the Regional competitions before the Games. Every person you will watch has better technique on their Olympic lifts. They can burpee circles around you. They can climb a rope two times in the time it takes you to put chalk on your hands.

The Games competitors are amazing, semi-superhuman athletes. And as a Type-A overachiever, you will look at their performance with a mix of envy, passion, determination, excitement, rage and motivation as you imagine yourself working out side by side with them. You will return to our gym with a growing fire inside of you that will continue to grow as you get stronger, faster, and better. You will no longer be satisfied with being on the leaderboard, or getting the fastest time in the gym. What about the fastest time in the world? After watching the Games, the impossible seems possible, and you realize that your best maybe wasn’t your best after all. It was just the best in our gym.

The Info:

The CrossFit Games Website has all athlete stats, videos, Regional recaps, and updated news regarding the workouts and the leaderboard. Start browsing now to get familiar with the faces of the CrossFit Games 2012!

CrossFit Games Recap Shows will help you stay on top of the standings all weekend!

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Twelve Ways to Make the Most of CROSSFIT FOR HOPE

Posted on by Alycia

12. Know what the heck it is. CrossFit For Hope is a workout that will be done by all CrossFit gyms around the world on June 9th, 2012. Pretty cool, right? The purpose is to raise money to help support St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which is working toward a 100% survival rate among it’s children afflicted with Leukemia.

11. Familiarize yourself with the workout and the movements involved. They are: Burpee, power snatch, box jump, thruster, and chest to bar pull up.  Never done a power snatch? Can’t do a chest to bar pull up? Use YouTube to look up the names of all movements and make sure you’ve tried them at least once before June 9th. It’s OK to scale any/all movements.

10. Raise Funds. That’s the point of this whole thing, after all. Donate money, or ask other people to donate at least $10 or so. People may also donate based on your performance. ( $1 for every rep completed, for instance).

Set a good example for your kids by informing them about what you are doing, why you are doing it, who these sick kids are, and how you plan on setting aside some money to do your part.

9. SIGN UP! If you are competing in the workout, you will need to sign up here on our website as well as on the hope.crossfit.com website so that you can donate and see your name on the leaderboard. We have a goal of getting 100 athletes to participate in this workout. We are currently at 25. Please sign up TODAY.

8. Make this your first CrossFit competition. Even if you are brand new to CrossFit, there is no reason not to make this your first taste of competition. We are doing this for FUN, not to actually compete to ‘win’ anything. This event will be more like an extended class with more people than usual, and a lot more cheering and motivation to do well.

7. Know that you can scale any/all movements as necessary. There is NO REASON that you will not be able to finish this workout. It is not any harder than a normal CrossFit Aspire workout and you are encouraged to modify as necessary.

6. Invite your family and friends to see what you do at this crazy gym. Surely you’ve mentioned CrossFit more than a few times to your husband/wife, parents, kids, neighbors, etc. This is the perfect day to invite them out to see you in action and to see what a cool place you belong to!

5. Get your friends involved in the workout. People who are brand new to CrossFit can certainly join in the fun. If your friend plans on working out, please have them sign up the same way that you did, on both websites.

4. Encourage other gym members to sign themselves up. The event isn’t until June 9th. That gives them a full month to cancel whatever plans they had that day, and get themselves ready for the workout!

3. Eat well. Sleep more. Stress less. These things will cause you to be a healthier person, and a stronger athlete. You have 30 days to make a change. Start a new good habit today, and stick with it for the next 30 days. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.

2. Watch some CrossFit HQ videos to get you in the competition mood. Or stay on top of the CrossFit Games Regional Competitions, which are happening each weekend this month all over the world. These competitions will determine the top 3 males and females from each region that will be going to the CrossFit Games.

1. Come to class 2-4 times every week between now and June 9th. If you cannot make it out more than 2 or 3 times/week, practice body weight movements (air squats, push ups, pull ups,  burpees, mountain climbers, sprints, box/step jumps, runs, lunges) at home.

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Every Rep Counts…Or Not

Posted on by Alycia

This one is for those of you who signed up on the CrossFit Games website for the CrossFit Open.


You are one of the brave ones – the ones who were willing to commit to posting your scores in workouts that are yet to be seen. You are putting yourself out there for the CrossFit community to see – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You realize that you haven’t mastered EVERY CrossFit movement yet, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that you are signed up is enough motivation to do well and get through these workouts, RXed or not.

WOD1 went really, really well. We had over 60 people complete the workout that day, and 36 of you posted your scores on the Games website. The energy in the gym was electric, there was pressure to perform your best, and enthusiasm was at an all time high.

Yet some of you walked away from the workout saying things like “I could have done more. I should have done more. If only I had gotten ONE MORE REP”. A few of you (myself included) wanted to re-do the workout. You were confident that if your tried a little bit harder, you’d get at least a few more reps….

…and then what? If you re-did the workout and got more reps, would that prove that you are a better athlete than you were 2 days ago? Would it change the way your coach or the other members viewed you? Would it miraculously catapult you into the top tier of elite athletes? Unless you are competing for the top 3 spots in the world,  the answer is probably No.

Re-doing the workout to get a few more reps would have made you sore, put you at potential risk for injury, and might have even resulted in less burpees, given that you had just done the same workout the day before.

Yes, every rep counts, in terms of scoring your workout. But the number of reps you get in any given workout does NOT determine how good of an athlete you really are, how much you have improved over time, or how skilled you are.

What determines your ultimate success in CrossFit is this:

1. Consistency in your training. Come 3-4 times per week, every week, and you will make improvements.

2. Practicing the skills. Spend more time under a jump rope, and you’ll get your double unders. Spend more time on the rings and you’ll get strong enough for ring dips. Spend more time upside down and you’ll eventually be able to walk across the gym on your hands. Master the ‘hip pop’ and get under the bar faster, and your Olympic lift numbers will skyrocket.

3. Demonstrating perfect form in practice. If you can consistently hit depth on your squat,  show a perfect overhead position on every rep, do pull ups without craning your neck, and hit the wall ball target every time, then performing to the CrossFit standards on game day will be effortless. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is how much work you can get done in the allotted time – not how high your kettlebell is flying, or if your chest is hitting the bar for pull ups.

Yes, you could have done 1 more burpee during those 7 minutes. But that wouldn’t have made you a better athlete.

The next time you find yourself saying ” I could have done more” after a workout, take a step back and evaluate your training, consistency, comfort using good form, and the amount of time you spend in and out of the gym working on high skill movements. Find the real source of your weaknesses, and start making improvements today.

Annie Thorisdottir, winner of the CrossFit Games 2011 didn’t make it there by counting reps. She made it there by practicing consistently and improving her weaknesses.


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Olympic Lifting at CrossFit Aspire

Posted on by Alycia

Yesterday, Justin and I lifted with Rizelyx Rivera, the National Record holder in the snatch, one of the two Olympic lifts.

She stood in front of us and watched us each perform the snatch, clean and jerk for over an hour. They were easily some of the best Olympic lifts we’ve ever performed. We were focused, tight, fast, and strong on every lift.

Why? Because the BEST person in the country at this lift was watching each lift, correcting our technique, and giving us advice.

It was mentally and physically exhausting to concentrate that hard on the details of the lifts. But wouldn’t you know it; we both picked up tips and technique corrections that helped us improve our form dramatically.

Why does this concern you?

Because she’s coming to CrossFit Aspire to teach YOU how to improve your Olympic Lifts with an intensive 2 day clinic, and a weekly Olympic lifting class.

March 24th-25th
Max attendance: 20 people.

This two day clinic will include a review and practice in the basics of the lifts, drills and skill movements, critique and practice in each lift, as well as training and skill development on the second day.

How to register: RSVP via the Online Calendar (CrossFit Aspire Members Only!). (Email me if you lost your password for our member website) You can charge the event cost to your account, or pay in cash before March 16th.

Thursdays, 7:30pm
Begins Thursday, March 29th

Rizelyx will also be coaching an hour and a half long Olympic lifting class each Thursday at 7:30pm. Weekly practice in the Olympic lifts is guaranteed to make you stronger, and a LOT more proficient at the lifts.

We are paying for this program as well, so that the cost stays low for our members. We recognize how fortunate we are to have this opportunity and we want to make sure that it’s not too prohibitive for those who really want the extra coaching from a world-class lifter.

Do I have to attend the clinic before starting the weekly classes? No, but it is highly recommended. That way, we’ll all be on the same page and the classes can focus more on refining technique, rather than learning the lift.

Can anyone attend the clinic? Yes. Lifters of all abilities/strengths/proficiencies can attend. The only pre-requisite is that you are interested in improving your performance in these lifts, and you are serious about making changes, even if it means going down in weight, tweaking your form, breaking old bad habits, etc.

I have more questions! Respond to this email or ask Alycia or Justin in class.

Rizelyx’s Bio:
Olympic weightlifter 2002- present.
Certified PersonalTtrainer by IFA 2005- present

Olympic weightlifting assistant coach 2005-2008 Olympic weightlifting coach 2009-present.
Assistant CrossFit coach 2009-2010

Junior National Champion and record holder in Puerto Rico. 2002-2008
Senior Sub National champion (as a Junior) in Puerto Rico 2004-2008
USA Sub National champion 2009-2010
USA National champion – best lifter 2011.
USA Snatch Record Holder 2011
One of the national team selected by the Olympic Games 2012

Team: East Coast Gold
Hometown: Salinas, PR
Current Residence: Moorestown, NJ

Weight class: 58kg
Height: 5’5″

Introduction into the sport:
My uncle Julio Martinez introduced me to the sport. He was a two time Olympian in Olympic weightlifting, and is currently the national coach at the Olympic training center in Puerto Rico.
Favorite Competition Lift: Snatch
Favorite Training Lift: Snatch blocks
Education:  Physical Education in Pontifical Catholic university of Puerto Rico 2005-2008.

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BIG EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Practical Paleo’ Seminar!

Posted on by admin

CrossFit Aspire is hosting a BIG, IMPORTANT, ALL-ENCOMPASSING, MEGA-INFORMATIVE Nutrition Event on April 21st…and you are invited!

“Practical Paleo Seminar”
by Diane Sanfilippo, owner of Balanced Bites

Who is Diane?

Diane is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and a C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She runs her own Nutritional consulting business, an informative website and blog, and an easy-to-follow-along Podcast with co-host  and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Liz Wolfe of CaveGirlEats.com. Liz is also the Nutritional consultant for Steve’s Original PaleoKits.

Liz Wolfe will be a special guest at the Practical Paleo Seminar as well!

What is the Seminar all about?

This nutritional seminar will give you all of the information you need to know to be the healthiest you’ve ever been without restricting yourself or feeling like you are ‘on a diet’. You’ll learn about which foods are actually healthy (you’ll be surprised…and happy!), as well as the truth behind some very common nutritional myths regarding fat, cholesterol and whole grains.

You’ll also learn a lot about digestion, hormones and blood sugar regulation and how they play a critical role in your health and performance.

Why do I need to know this?

Because this is your life, and you only have one chance to make it the best it can possibly be. So many diseases, conditions, illnesses and general maladies that we accept as a natural part of aging can be avoided by feeding your body that natural things that it requires to run at it’s best.

Nutrition and sleep are just as important as your workout.  You can’t CrossFit your way through a bad diet and expect to come out healthy – instead, we recommend that our members take a holistic approach to address all aspects of physical health.

What types of people should attend this?

Those of you who eat food.

Those of you who love to cook, eat, and indulge in food.

Those who don’t know much about this whole “paleo” thing.

Those who know enough about eating real foods, but have trouble explaining it to others, or answering tough questions about the impact of real foods on your health, heart, etc.

Those who are interested in performing better in the gym.

Those who know that they need to make a big life change.

Those of you who are ‘addicted’ to certain foods.

Those of you that love to geek out about nutrition.


What are the details?

CrossFit Aspire
3 Larwin Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
April 21st, 9-5 pm

The Practical Paleo seminar costs $95  $45if you sign up before April 8th, and includes a complimentary e-book written by Diane, as well as complimentary lunch provided by CrossFit Aspire.

$95 $45 for 8 hours worth of high level (yet understandable) nutrition advice, discussion, Q&A, case studies, etc) is a tremendous value.

REGISTRATION: Click here to register now! Space is limited, so please try to register before April to ensure that you can attend.

Our Next 30 Day Challenge!

Your next chance to step it up and eat 100% clean, with the support of over 100 people, online resources, cooking demo’s and parties, and more, begins on Sunday, April 22nd. For the 30 days following the seminar, you will work together with your gym friends and coaches to commit to 100% healthy eating. You will assess your gym performance (with a benchmark workout pre- and post-challenge), symptoms, body composition and overall health to see the immediate effects of treating your body well.
The 30 Day Challenge is completely optional – but really, who doesn’t want to look younger, feel better, and live longer?
More info on the challenge to follow.

For now,

Register Online

to reserve your spot! We are opening this up to all area CrossFit athletes, so please sign up soon to make sure you get in!

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CrossFit Games 2012: The Open, The Regionals and The Games

Posted on by Alycia

The Annual CrossFit Games is upon us! Woo hoo!

PART 1:    The CrossFit Games Open:       Feb22nd – April 1

The CrossFit Games Open is a series of 5 workouts, each released to the public weekly, beginning on February 22nd. CrossFitters from around the world will be doing the SAME workout during the SAME week, and submitting their scores online. As more CrossFit athletes submit their scores, those who are participating have an increasingly accurate idea of who are the fittest men and women in the world.

Our gym (and just about every CrossFit gym in the world) is participating in the CrossFit Games Open. We will be doing the weekly workouts each FRIDAY (Feb 24, Mar 9, Mar 16, Mar 23, Mar 30) in all classes. The workout MAY including more technical movements than a regular workout at CrossFit Aspire, so scaling options will be available as always.

EVEN IF YOU ARE SCALING the workouts, you are HIGHLY encouraged to submit your scores online.

WHY? Entering the CrossFit Games Open is similar to entering a 5k race. Most people who run 5k races are casual runners, and about 90% of the runners aren’t expecting to win. They just simply want to do their sport, give themselves a reason to push a little harder during their run, and to see how they stack up against others.

CrossFit is your sport. And the Open is your 5k. Go ahead and sign up. It’s only a few bucks and all you have to do is spend about 30 seconds online each week uploading your scores.

Still aren’t convinced you should submit your scores online? Watch this 1 minute video from another CrossFit affiliate owner and his members.

TODAY:  CREATE A PROFILE. Click here to create your profile.

EVERY FRIDAY AFTER YOU DO THE WOD: Upload your scores (and include scaling info when necessary) to the Leaderboard on the CrossFit Games website.


PART 2:      The Regional Competition:      May 25-27 (Memorial Day Weekend)

The top 60 CrossFitters from the Northeast will be chosen to advance onto the Regional Competition at Reebok CrossFit 1 in Boston, Massachusetts. This is a weekend-long competition featuring some of the regions top athletes and teams. It’s an incredible event to witness, and we encourage anyone who is interested in the sport of CrossFit to attend.

*Justin and Alycia will be going to watch! If you plan on going, please comment here or tell Alycia or Justin. We will plan carpools and hotels.

PART 3:      The CrossFit Games:       July 13-15

The CrossFit Games are held at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. This 3 day epic event will feature multiple workouts per day, many of them announced just minutes before they begin, performed by the world’s most elite CrossFit athletes. Here you will see famous CrossFit athletes, CrossFit headquarters staff, a ton of vendors with the latest in CrossFit gear, and you will meet a bunch of amazing people.

Here is another 1 minute video for this year’s Games that shows some clips from last year’s competition. Can’t you feel that energy??!!

* Justin and Alycia will be attending. If you plan on going, please comment here or tell Alycia or Justin ASAP.

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Run the Haddon Twp Turkey Trot

Posted on by Alycia

The Haddon Township Turkey Trot is an all-levels 5k (3.1 miles) road race that begins and ends at the Pour House on Haddon Ave. It’s at 9am on Saturday, November 26th.

Here’s the link to register.

Reasons you’ll want to run this one:

10. You haven’t run more than 400 meters at a time since you started CrossFit.

9. You know you can run 3 miles if you tried.

8. You are training for a marathon.

7. You want to be better at running.

6. You like supporting local events.

5. You like doing sports/activities with your friends from the gym.

4. You are competitive. (If you’re a decent runner, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll win your age group)

3. You will be awake anyway, with nothing else on your agenda.

2. You collect race t shirts. (this one’s long sleeved!)

1. You get to eat free eggs and bacon after the race with Alycia!

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2 Upcoming Events!

Posted on by Alycia

According to our survey results, you want to be involved in more CrossFit challenges and workouts with members of other gyms.

Well…good timing, because there are two coming up!

November 5th, CrossFit OTG in Williamstown, 8:30am – A workout challenge including 3 events, to be completed my individuals. $50 buy in. More info is here.

November 12th, CrossFit King Of Prussia -  A partner workout that is comprised of two CrossFit benchmark workouts – Helen and Grace. Free event.  More info is here.

We’ll post info for both events on the whiteboard. If you plan on attending either, write your name on the board so that we can work out carpools and info like that.

If you don’t feel like participating, but you want to come out and support, please also note that on the whiteboard. Simply attending a CrossFit competition can motivate you for months to come.

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Yoga: The CrossFit of Stretching

Posted on by Alycia

CrossFit Aspire is introducing Aspire Yoga – a twice weekly Yoga class for those of you who want to increase performance, mobility, and clear your head a little.

Some of you saw that and said, “Oh, cool”. The rest of you probably thought “Meh. Not for me”…..


What you might be thinking:

“I don’t think I’d do well in a yoga class”
“Yoga sounds like too much work”
“Yoga is only for hippie women.”

“Yoga is for girls. It’s not a guy thing.”
“I don’t need yoga in my life to recover. I’m fine as is. So what if I can’t reach behind my back to get that itch, or bend down to tie my shoes, or catch a clean in a perfect front squat?”

NOW…. replace some of those words and see how funny it sounds.

” I don’t think I’d do well in CrossFit”
“CrossFit is too much work”
“CrossFit is for 20 yr olds that work out till they puke”
“CrossFit is for guys who are already strong. It’s not a girl thing.”
“I don’t need CrossFit to be stronger or faster. I’m fine as is. So what if I can’t pick up a heavy bag of dog food, or I can’t jog out to my mailbox and back?”

If you had a friend who said those things about CrossFit, you’d do all that you could to show her that she was wrong, correct?

Well, that’s what we’re doing here. Right Now. To You.

Consider this your intervention.


You can’t get into a good overhead position without pain or significant ‘pain ball’/'foam rolling’/'band stretching’ beforehand.

I’ve seen you try to squat. It’s painful to watch. I can’t imagine how it must feel.

We’ve all witnessed your poor excuse for a push press.


Aspire Yoga is a membership add-on that we are offering a ridiculously low price. Why? Because it’s that important. Yoga improves your discipline, body awareness, strength, mobility and reinforces proper movement patterns.

Here’s the Scoop

Start Date: Wednesday, November 2nd
Aspire Yoga will be offered a twice weekly:
SATURDAY 11:15am
Pricing: $25/month for one weekly class or $40/month for two weekly classes. This is an add-on to your membership, and will be included in your monthly fee.

These prices just don’t exist anywhere else in the area. Jump on this before they go up in 2012.


These classes will also be open to the public, so tell your yoga-loving friends to get their supple butts into our gym!
Class prices for non-members will be $12 drop in fee, 5 classes for $54 or 10 classes for $100.

Wednesday classes will be taught by Laura Maron (wife of the lean and mean Jon Maron) and Saturday classes will be taught by Brianna O’Neal (a bad-ass CrossFit newbie who is poised to do big things). A full bio on them and description of their classes is coming soon. They each offer a different style of Yoga, so there is something for everyone!

We will have official sign-up sheets at the gym within the week, so you can easily add on Yoga to your membership beginning in November. If you signed up mid-month, and your monthly fee cycle is NOT on the 1st of the month, you can start with Yoga when your November membership begins, or you can start right away and just pay in cash for your first few classes until your November fee starts.

Questions? Email alycia@crossfitaspire.com or ask us in class!

Guys want to be him. Girls want to be with him. Matthew McConaughey does yoga. You should, too.


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Survey Says: 6 Improvements We are Making

Posted on by Alycia

Thank you for taking the time to fill it out with your thoughts and suggestions. The fact that you told us the good, the bad, and thought about improvements, shows that you care about the gym and our success in the future.

You spoke and we listened.


It seems as though the majority of people are relatively happy with the current schedule (which makes sense, since you joined the gym). Currently, we have availability to add 9am, 12:30pm (in November), and 4:30pm, but there weren’t quite enough responses to warrant the addition of a new class. If you absolutely can, and will, make it out to any of those class times during the week, post that to comment or email me. I’ll keep tally, as we’re willing to add the classes whenever you are ready!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are returning to our pre-summer 7:30am class schedule, beginning next week. This schedule is Mon, Wed and Fri.
(That will open up some opportunity for Tues/Thurs 9am or 12:30, fyi).

2.Favorite Thing to Do in Class:

Barbell strength movements came in on top, followed by Olympic lifts. This is great, since our gym is a ‘strength-biased’ CrossFit gym, and we intend on staying that way. So, you’ll be seeing more of the same with the barbell lifts, and you’ll be getting some extra coaching in the Olympic lifts as well. Our coaches are all hard at work learning the in’s-and-out’s of Olympic lifting from a variety of sources, so as to provide you with the very best in coaching and technique advice.

There wasn’t any one thing that was a clear “least favorite”, so we’ll continue to incorporate a variety of skills and movements into our classes.


Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Mobility were the top three choices. Be on the lookout for upcoming seminars (taught by pro’s in the sport!) on Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics.

Alycia is working her way through a 200 page book on mobility and self-myofascial release (the pain ball and foam roller stuff),  so prepared to be brutalized…I mean, repaired during upcoming classes. A mobility ‘mini-clinic’ will probably happen a few times a year as well.

Seminars will happen on the weekends, per your suggestions.


18 of your said that you would take Yoga if it were offered on a weekly basis for a minimal add-on fee. Beginning in mid-October, you’ll be getting your wish! We are offering TWO class times/week – Wednesday at 7:45pm and Saturday at 11:15am. The two times allows for the option to add 4 or 8 yoga classes/month into your current CrossFit schedule. Yoga is something that we believe EVERY athlete at our gym needs to be doing, so we are keeping the pricing super-low. You’ll have the option to sign up for a weekly Yoga add-on for $25/month, or a twice-weekly Yoga add-on for $40/month.

More info on Yoga is coming in the next big blog post. Stay tuned!


You rated our four coaches, and they all scored well! Strengths and weaknesses were pointed out, and our general thoughts on things were re-enforced, meaning that we are all on the same page. Coaching is a lifelong learning experience, and all of our coaches are engaging in continued outside education in the form of seminars, CrossFit gym visits, coaching and lifting forums, coaching DVDs, books, and more. Overall, your responses lit a fire under our butts and we’ll be working extra-hard to uphold our status and to make improvements where necessary.

6.Additional Suggestions:

Showers: YES! Our next location (YES, we are very close to a final agreement on a stand-alone building that’s just a few hundred feet down the street. Possible move-in date of February, 2012) will have showers to make morning, lunchtime, and afternoon classes a possibility for more people.

Music: Our current playlist is a compilation of music from our members. If you don’t like it, bring in your own to add to the mix. The music is ‘approved’ by Justin and Alycia, but basically anything goes. Just burn us a CD, or somehow get your music to us, and we’ll add it ASAP.

Water: We will be selling bottled water, as well as large reusable water bottles in the front area within the next few weeks. We will also be selling PaleoKits soon (beef jerky, nuts and fruit, for easy paleo snacking on the go!).

Charity: We would LOVE to do something to support our local community, and to give back to those in need. Ameet had a great suggestion about doing something as a company (offering a fitness ‘scholarship’ to local children), or getting our members involved in a locally-based charitable endeavor. We think this is a great idea. If you have a charity or organization that is of particular significance to you, please note that in comments or email Alycia. We’d love to do a fundraiser WOD, or to put our muscles to use with a town clean-up project, habitat for humanity project, or something like that.

Partnerships: As we expand, we are looking to partner up with local companies that have similar goals of making people healthy and happy. If you know of a great small business that you think could benefit from being associated with our gym (and likewise, us benefiting from them), let me know! We are not big on offering discounts to customers of other stores (our prices are already so low per class for what we offer)but we love having friends/partners in the area that we can work with on projects, events, etc. We also occasionally barter for creative services (photography, graphic design), rehab services (massage), and we can barter for cleaning services, etc.

Thank you again for the ego boost, and the kick in the pants. It’s because of you that we are driven to become a better gym.

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