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June Events at the gym

Posted on by Alycia

June 6th * CrossFit Aspire * 12pm:  Free Functional Movement Clinic with Dr. Nelson. He will assess your movements and give you exercises that will improve your form and allow you to lift more weight! EVERYONE should take advantage of this free class!

Call 856-767-8800 to reserve your spot!

June 13th * CrossFit Aspire * 9am: IN HOUSE PARTNER COMPETITION! Rx and Scaled Divisions. This is all for fun! We’ll be doing 3 WODs, with different partners each time. We’ll pick for you. Just show up! RSVP here. 

June 21st * CrossFit DT1 * 10am: Gymnastics Clinic with Jess Saxon! RSVP here. 

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Shop for Aspire apparel online!

Posted on by Alycia

Want to work out AND look good doing it?

Check out our latest gym swag.


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Memorial Day Schedule

Posted on by Alycia

We’re having one big “MURPH” workout at DT1 on Monday, Memorial Day at 10am, followed by a BBQ directly after. (All classes at CrossFit Aspire are canceled)

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Member of the Month: Chris Swiers

Posted on by Alycia

When did you first start Crossfit? I first started Crossfit last summer
(Summer 2014) right when I moved to NJ.

What is your athletic background? I have played a little bit of every
sport under the sun. Baseball, football, and basketball were my high
school days and golf from high school on. It wasn’t until late in
college, however, when I discovered
The school’s fitness center where I started basic lifting and the rare
cardio session.
What was your number one hesitation in starting? High intensity training
for speed and strength did not sound like my cup of tea. I was afraid I
would start too many workouts and not have the physical or mental
capacity to finish. That fear I perpetuated within myself was quickly
You’ve made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. Which movements
or areas of fitness do you feel made the most improvements? Olympic
lifting for sure. The clean & jerk and the snatch are so difficult for me
and I have put in a lot of time and work to improve efficiency and

How many times per week do you come to the gym? I try and come every
weekday for at least a class.
Ol has your diet changed since starting Crossfit? When I started
Crossfit, I wanted to maximize my experience both in the gym and in the
kitchen, starting to change my diet into a more Paleo basis. Since, I
have discovered that for me, it was more important to follow the idea of
Paleo as opposed to living by the book. Eating more of the
right foods on a daily basis like lean poultry, grassfed beef, greens,
natural carbs, and the good fats were more consistent with feeling good
and proving results than strict dieting day in and out. I have also tried
to cut down on the craft brews, so that helps too.

You recently got your first muscle up. Tell us about that! It was a
surreal moment for me. I was in between squat sets and I had been close
on a few recent muscle up attempts. I figured I would just jump on the
rings and not think about the components that make up the movement except
“hips”. I remember grabbing the rings then the next thing I know, I am holding myself at the top of the muscle up and not knowing how the heck I got up there. It was
invigorating and I was proud. The scariest part of the success, however,
was trying to figure out how to get down from up there.

What other skills are you trying to master? More consistent muscle-ups!
It is such a technical movement that challenges me to the brink of
my sanity. Some days they can be strung together and somedays I can’t
get over the rings. But more practice daily makes it more comfortable.

How has CrossFit affected you in your everyday life? I feel more
confident and capable. That is for certain. But most importantly,
Crossfit has influenced me to be more committed to achieving my goals. I
am committed to coming to the gym every day I can possibly make it in, to
getting one more rep or being one second faster, and to pushing myself
toward achieving my goals outside of the gym in my business life and
personal life.

What is your favorite music to work out to? Whatever is on the Marvin
Tan playlist. I never knew that listening to “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit
on repeat could be PR fuel, but it is.

What are your favorite ( and non favorite) lifts and why? My favorite
lifts are the Olympic lifts. The clean & jerk and the snatch just feel
right when you hit all the positions, and the feeling reminds me of a
well-struck golf shot. Non favorite? Thrusters. Thrusters are my
nightmare. I have literally had nightmares about Thrusters.

What is your #1 goal in the gym for 2015? To PR all of benchmark workouts
we come across this summer and to prove to myself that I am stronger and
faster than last year when I first started.

What would you tell people who are interested, but apprehensive about
starting Crossfit? Just do it. I was so nervous on my first ride to
Crossfit Aspire for class that I almost turned around. But after that
first hour, I just wanted to get back for tomorrow’s workout. Then the
next day, I left with that same feeling. After a while, I noticed that
the urge for tomorrow¹s workout wasn¹t going away. I got hooked on the
lifts, the metcons, the community, and the coaches. You are going to get
hooked, too. You just need to give it a try.

Click here to see Chris in our community video for Aspire!

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Saturday, February 28th

Posted on by Alycia

Back Squat 1rm

3 Rounds on the 5 minute start interval
400m Row
15 Front Squats (95/65)
10 Burpees

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Friday, February 27th

Posted on by Alycia

OTM 15×1

AMRAP in 12
10 DB Snatch + Lunge (5L,5R)
10 DB Thrusters (5L,5R)
10 DB Goblet Squats
10 V-ups

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Thursday, February 26th

Posted on by Alycia

OTM 10×3/5
Muscle-ups / Pull-ups

AMRAP in 9
6 Push Presses (95/65)
9 Burpee Box Jump on-and-over

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Wednesday, February 25th

Posted on by Alycia

Regular Classes:
Back Squat 2×5, 1xMax Reps

5 Rounds
6 Front Squats
9 Pull-ups
12 Box Jumps

5:30am Comp Class WOD @ CrossFit Aspire:
Back Squat 2×5, 1xMax Reps

3 Rounds
3 Power Cleans (165/105)
6 Front Squats
9 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
12 Box Jumps (30/24)

3 Rounds
6 Power Snatches (95/65)
12 OHS
18 Wallballs

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Tuesday, February 24th

Posted on by Alycia

HSPUs & Pistols

AMRAP in 20
in Teams of 3
10 DB Snatches (5L/5R)
10 Calorie Row
10 Heavy KB Swings
- rotate when all 3 people have completed their reps

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Monday, February 23rd

Posted on by Alycia

30 reps for time of:
Thrusters (135/95)

At the ten minute mark…
30 reps for time of:
Snatches (135/95)

At the 20 minute mark…
30 reps for time of:
Clean and Jerks (135/95)

Each rounds has a 7 minute time cap. Choose a weight that will allow you to finish in under 7 minutes and maintain good technique across all 3 lifts. Your score is the total time.

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