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A (Delicious) Day in the Life Of: Kate Eckert

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This is Kate’s second 30 day challenge. During the first challenge, she did a fantastic job of documenting her food here on her blog, Kate vs Food.  I’m reading over it now, and she has some really great photos, personal stories and recipes. Check it out!
Kate has had a lot of first’s a CrossFit. She came in with bad knees, barely able to squat and she had a terrible fear of box jumps. At her own pace, she’s learned how to squat properly, box jump without a problem, and is now SO MUCH stronger than she first was when she began. She’s even getting a little ‘aggressive’ with the barbell. (Ok, maybe ‘assertive’. We’re still trying to get Kate to show her mean/mad side when lifting. Maybe she just doesn’t have one…).  Her confidence has grown over the last year, and she’s turned into quite the capable athlete. We are proud of Kate!
Breakfast: 2-3 egg quiche with sausage and zucchini plus a mug of bone broth
Lunch: crockpot chicken and Trader Joe’s puttanesca sauce (the recipe that you posted) with roasted asparagus
Snack: 2 grassfed paleostix
Dinner: Whole Foods prime rib with brussels and bacon
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